5 Reasons Our Feed is Better Than Corn

Quincy Farm Products - loadingWhy should producers try an unknown feed supplement when they know corn? Here are five good reasons:

  1. Higher nutritional value than corn
  2. It’s ready to use
  3. Fat, protein, and energy content makes it a great binder for pelletized feed
  4. Consistent nutrition and availability
  5. Quality ingredients – if they’re good enough for human consumption…

Why do we say QFP Energy blend has higher nutritional value than corn? Simple.

Quality Ingredients for Quality FeedWith 14% protein, 8% fat, and energy from sugar and starch, our bakery meal product provides better nutrition than corn.

Our feed is ready to use when you pick it up. Whether you get a 5-pound bag or a truckload, QFP Energy Blend is ready to go as soon as you’re back on the farm.

QFP Energy Blend Is very compatible when mixing in a ration, whether it is in a TMR ration with silage, hay and other ingredients or into a corn/soy ration for swine or poultry. The combination of sugars, starches, and fat also make QFP Energy Blend a very good addition to a ration that acts as a binder  when pelleting feed.

We source our ingredients from major national food manufacturers – and we have the FSMA documentation to prove it.

Given the high level of consistency human food production requires ensures that our inputs are consistent over time as well. And sourcing from major manufacturers means an on-going supply is coming into our feed mill.

Want to learn more? See our facility, ingredients, and product in this short video.

Or, contact us and we’ll invite you to come by for a visit. Once you’ve seen QFP’s feed products, we’re convinced you’ll be convinced.