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Cow Condition

Harvest is just around the corner, and this generally means that the pastures are getting shorter and the calves are getting bigger. This is also a time when the cow is getting pushed to produce more milk to feed that growing calf while at the same time she needs to maintain her body condition to grow the calf that she is carrying for next year’s crop. Pasture condition is actually good in most areas compared to this time most years thanks to the abundance of the late summer rains we have received this year.

There are several ways to assure that the calf continues to grow and the cow stays in shape. One way is to creep feed the calf to supplement the cow’s milk. For the last several years this has been a popular option. The additional cost was easily offset by the strong feeder and fat calf markets. But as we all know, that strong market is no longer and the payback is questionable for a creep ration today. Another possible option is to feed the cow to produce more milk while maintaining or increasing body condition. One way to do this is to hand feed QFP Energy Blend, a bakery meal product that is higher in protein and fat than corn, while at the same time provides a high energy level due to the high sugar and starch content of the ingredients.

On farm tests have shown that in dairy herds, a 5%-6% increase in milk production feeding only 5# per/hd/day is normal. A beef cow may or may not see a 6% increase response, but would definitely see an increase in milk while maintaining body condition at the same time. Another advantage to bunk feeding this blend at this time is that the calf will eat the feed as well, adding growth as well as getting them used to eating out of a bunk prior to weaning. This makes an unusually smooth transition for the producer as well as the calf, because we all know that getting the calf to eat and keeping them eating results in more lbs. to sell as well as more $ in the producer’s pocket if done efficiently.

QFP Energy Blend is a very flexible and easy to feed product-grind and mix, hand feed, or blended in a TMR ration. We can also make different versions of the blend using a corn milling product or possibly a soy processing ingredient to increase the protein or energy levels to fit a producer’s specific needs. The ultimate goal is to put more dollars in the producer’s pocket through improved performance and efficiency.

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