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Pasta for animal feed

Dairy Month

Spring is behind us, June is here, and that means summer and Dairy month. June has always been designated by this industry as Dairy month, though there are not as many dairy farms, the farms are larger and many of them use more feed than they can produce or have the land base to produce. These additional feed needs are met by purchasing various feed and forge ingredients used to build the rations.

Today’s dairy herds require high volumes of feed to allow the cow to produce at the highest levels possible. This higher production is a result of good genetics, good animal care, and a high quality feed ration. These rations require high quality forages, protein and energy. QFP Energy Blend can be a cost effective option to corn and other starches and energy sources. The blend is made up of food manufacturers by products, including donuts, cereal, pasta, cake mix and other ingredients that are sampled and tested for nutritional value, mixed and ground into a meal to be used as a supplement in rations. This blend can be added in a TMR ration and fed to lactating or dry cows and heifers. QFP Energy Blend is equal to or higher in protein, fat and energy than corn. The blend contains high levels of sugar and starches that have been processed and are readily available and a good source of energy.

Recently, Quincy Farm Products partnered with a local dairy to run a feed trial for us. This dairy, though not large (100 cows), utilizes a robotic milking system and was able to provide us with quick and accurate production information relative to the feed being added to the TMR ration being fed to the herd. The results were a 6% increase in milk, on average, by feeding a modest 5# per day of QFP Energy Blend. This 5# inclusion replaced a combination of corn and protein, ultimately netting the producer an additional $.70 per day with increased production and feed savings combined. Though $.70 doesn’t sound like a lot of money, multiplied by the number of cows you milk times 30 days, that number quickly turns into a real number that will add to your bottom line each month.

If you are looking for a new, quality energy source, consider feeding QFP Energy Blend. Please contact Pat or Jerrod at Quincy Farm Products 217-214-1905.