Sustainably Converting Food Waste and By-Products

Approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is wasted. At Quincy Farm Products, our goal is to divert food waste from landfills to create a sustainable food source for animals. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to transforming the way the food industry handles their waste streams.

By-Product Solutions

Our business development team works with major food manufacturers and packaging companies to find and secure consumer packaged, cased, super sacked, and bulk non-food grade material. Product is then shipped to our plant in Quincy, IL, and consumed in one of our applications.

Whether the material is excess supply or off-specification, our services provide food manufacturers a more financially and environmentally feasible alternative to sending the waste stream to a landfill. Our “green” initiative revolves around “upcycling” which, in turn, reduces environmental contamination and unnecessary pollution to create a sustainable path forward.

Quincy Farm Products mainly specializes in materials including cereals, grains, vegetable and dairy proteins, sugars, and starches. However, we are always searching for new materials to introduce to our production process. Every day, our innovative business development team strives to create catered solutions for waste stream management for our clients while developing a working partnership with them. At Quincy Farm Products, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our partners.

We've helped businesses across the country

save money and generate new revenue sources

by streamlining their waste management and food disposal processes.

Our Process

We believe in the value of food waste, so we make it easy to manage your waste stream. We buy separated single ingredients and mixed trailers from companies, turning what was once considered 'food waste' into valuable resources. Our team establishes waste management approaches to provide potentially profitable and eco-friendly solutions for your business.

The process of getting products from our customers begins with touring their facility and identifying a food waste stream. We do a free, no-obligation, thorough tour of the plant to ensure that the products we receive will meet our standards and fulfill our SFSF requirements. We then determine their needs, receive test loads, analyze the products, and test them in our blends. Our process ensures that we can supply our consumers with the correct product that exactly meets their needs and expectations.

When an approved vendor has accumulated a load of material, we arrange for the products to be transported to our facility in food grade trailers provided by our freight partners. Once the product arrives, it is tagged, inspected, graded and sorted to the correct production area by our SFSF trained employees. Our quality team then samples, tests, and analyzes the material to determine in which application product is to be used. The materials are then processed through our system and turned into finished products ready for livestock rations for our customers.

Our products are used to replace starches, grains, proteins and other ingredients in livestock rations, increasing performance and creating financial savings for the producer. The palatability, quality of the ingredients, and consistency of our end products gives our customers an advantage in the market place regarding weight gain and nutritional balance.

Benefits of Partnering with Quincy Farm Products

When you partner with us, you're not just disposing of your food waste. You're actively participating in an eco-friendly solution that benefits your business in several ways.

Cost Savings

By diverting food waste from landfills, you can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs.

New Revenue Streams

We will pay you fair market value for the food waste you pay to dispose of in landfills.

Enhanced Reputation

Embracing sustainable practices can boost your company's image among consumers who increasingly value businesses that care about the environment.

Regulatory Compliance

With increasing regulations around food waste disposal, partnering with us can help ensure compliance and avoid potential fines or penalties.

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