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FSPCA Certified for FSMA Compliance

FSPCA Certifications for FSMA

To ensure we are fully compliant with all aspects of FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations, Quincy Farm Products’ senior management have all become FSPCA Preventative Controls for Animal Food certified.

Not only does this protect our business, just as importantly it protects our suppliers and customers.

For example, the “1 forward and 1 back” requirement which requires covered businesses to understand where product coming into their facilities has been and where it’s going. This ‘traceability” requirement is intended to make it possible to trace products from the farm back to its origin, in order to identity the source of any issues with it.

While well-intentioned, this requirement can be difficult to implement correctly.

That’s where FSPCA certification comes in. The Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance (FSPCA) is “a broad-based public private alliance consisting of key industry, academic and government stakeholders whose mission is to support safe food production by developing a nationwide core curriculum, training and outreach programs to assist companies producing human and animal food in complying with the preventive controls regulations that will be part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).”

In addition to three certifications in Preventative Controls for animal food, we have a certification in FSPCA’s Preventative Control for Human Food as well. This gives us a deeper understanding of the needs of many of our suppliers, who manufacture or process human food.

If you have questions about whether your business is FSMA compliant, we can help. Contact us today and one of our FSPCA Certified staff will help you understand your requirements and stay or become complaint.

We also encourage you to request a tour of our facility – staying compliant with FSMA takes commitment and constant attention. By seeing our facility in operation, we’re confident you’ll come away with a better understanding of why Quincy Farm Products is the perfect food by-product to animal feed provider for your business.

Watch the brief video below to get an idea of our facility and how we approach FSMA compliance.

Our FSPCA certified staff members are:

Jerrod Evans, General Manager
Pat Hildebrand, Operations Manager
Hugh McCoy, Business & Development (also FSPCA certified for Human Food)

FSPCA Hugh McCoy