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Quincy Farm Products is a leading food waste upcycler serving a diverse range of industries. We partner with customers looking for an economical and sustainable alternative to traditional pet food, pellets, and livestock feed. Each industry has its own unique challenges and requirements, so we create custom products and premixes to ensure the needs of our clients and their animals are exceptionally met.

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Industries We Serve

Pet Food Ingredients

Pet Food Industry

We partner with pet food manufacturers to provide them with top-tier ingredients derived from upcycled food waste. Our upcycled products are rich in essential nutrients and ensure that pets receive a balanced and healthy diet. By choosing us as a partner, pet food companies can reduce their environmental impact while still delivering premium quality products.

Cattle Feed Ingredients

Livestock Industry

Feeding livestock can be resource-intensive and costly. At Quincy Farm Products, we provide a sustainable and economical solution. We upcycle food waste into nutritious and easily digestible feed for livestock. This approach not only conserves resources but also enhances the health and productivity of livestock. Our services are trusted by farmers and livestock producers who prioritize sustainability and efficiency.

Fertilizer Factory


Our customers in industry constantly seek innovative, cost-effective materials to enhance product performance. Our recycled products serve as excellent additives in various industrial applications, from hardening agents to emulsifiers. Industries can improve their products' performance and reduce their reliance on non-renewable resources by incorporating our recycled products.

Don't See Your Industry Listed?

Our products are manufactured and designed to serve countries across the nation. If your industry isn’t listed but you’re interested in purchasing our products, reach out to us! Our team would be happy to discuss product options for your business.