5 Reasons Our Feed is Better Than Corn

Why should producers try an unknown feed supplement when they know corn? Here are five good reasons: Higher nutritional value than corn It’s ready to use Fat, protein, and energy content makes it a great binder for pelletized feed Consistent nutrition and availability Quality ingredients – if they’re good enough for human consumption… Why do... Read More

FSPCA Certifications for FSMA

To ensure we are fully compliant with all aspects of FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations, Quincy Farm Products’ senior management have all become FSPCA Preventative Controls for Animal Food certified. Not only does this protect our business, just as importantly it protects our suppliers and customers. For example, the “1 forward and 1 back”... Read More

Skittles & Animal Feed: There’s More to the Story

A recent “off-beat” story hit the news: hundreds of thousands of Skittles candies were found covering a Wisconsin highway, which were destined for farms as a feed supplement for cattle. The story was often covered either as humor or as alarmist concern over candies being used in cattle feed. Both missed the point. Post-industrial food... Read More

FSMA Compliance

As producers and food processors know, FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) compliance is coming upon us quickly. FSMA applies to animal feed and ingredients as much as to human food. At Quincy Farm Products we’ve aggressively prepared to ensure our processes and reporting will be compliant with regulations. As part of our commitment to... Read More

Two Years Accident Free

In a dangerous industry, a company’s safety record is a good measure of how well it does its job. Which makes us proud to announce that Quincy Farm Products has gone two years without an accident. What makes this safety record important to our customers is that it shows a well-managed plant in operation. And... Read More

Cow Condition

Harvest is just around the corner, and this generally means that the pastures are getting shorter and the calves are getting bigger. This is also a time when the cow is getting pushed to produce more milk to feed that growing calf while at the same time she needs to maintain her body condition to... Read More

Adams County Beef Tour

Quincy Farm Products was proud to host a group of producers on the annual Adams County Beef Tour recently. Producers from Adams County Illinois toured two area farms then finished up at QFP for grilled ribeye sandwiches and a walk-through tour of our facility. Producers asked many questions about our livestock feed products and were... Read More

Dairy Month

Spring is behind us, June is here, and that means summer and Dairy month. June has always been designated by this industry as Dairy month, though there are not as many dairy farms, the farms are larger and many of them use more feed than they can produce or have the land base to produce.... Read More

QFP Energy Blend Livestock Feed

Spring is here and so is the time to turn those calves out on a fresh crop of grass. As you do this, you may consider supplementing your calves diet with QFP Energy Blend. QFP Energy Blend is a blend made from a combination of food by products, including cereal, donuts, pasta, cake mix, and... Read More

Farm Week Now Interview

Illinois Farm Bureau’s Farm Week Now radio program recently interviewed Pat Hildebrand about Quincy Farm Products. Gary Speckhart, IFB District 9 director, and Brent Clair, a FarmWeek CropWatcher from Adams County, toured our new facilities at 3501 Wismann Lane in Quincy, IL. They discussed feed from manufacturers’ byproducts, the process of turning that into high quality... Read More