Our Process

Scrap food waste recycling processThe process of working with Quincy Farm Products for food manufacturers is straightforward:

  • identify within your business a food waste stream being landfilled
  • ask QFP for a free, no-obligation food waste audit
  • work with our team to determine what can be recycled using standard analytic tools and practices
  • develop a plan that deals with the logistics of storing & delivering materials to QFP
  • wherever possible, QFP will look for waste streams we can purchase to replace landfill costs with revenue
  • on-going collaboration and reporting between QFP and manufacturers to maximize benefits

On the other side of this process, QFP works with animal feed manufacturers and ag producers to recycle this pre-consumer food waste into nutritious livestock feed.

This involves learning the specific requirements for a variety of uses. QFP primarily develops feed for swine, poultry, and cattle at various stages of their life cycles.

We work closely with livestock feed companies to develop lines of input ingredients they can use to develop their own feed blends. Quincy Farm Products separates, blends, and provides high-quality animal feed ingredients to our customers. In turn, they provide nutritious feed to ag producers throughout the world.

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