The process of getting products from our customers begins with touring their facility and identifying a food waste stream. We do a free, no-obligation, thorough tour of the plant to ensure that the products we receive will meet our standards and fulfill our SFSF requirements. We then determine their needs, receive test loads, analyze the products, and test them in our blends. Our process ensures that we can supply our consumers with the correct product that exactly meets their needs and expectations.

When an approved vendor has accumulated a load of material, we arrange for the products to be transported to our facility in food grade trailers provided by our freight partners. Once the product arrives, it is tagged, inspected, graded and sorted to the correct production area by our SFSF trained employees. Our quality team then samples, tests, and analyzes the material to determine in which application product is to be used. The materials are then processed through our system and turned into finished products ready for livestock rations for our customers.

Our products are used to replace starches, grains, proteins and other ingredients in livestock rations, increasing performance and creating financial savings for the producer. The palatability, quality of the ingredients, and consistency of our end products gives our customers an advantage in the market place regarding weight gain and nutritional balance.