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Quincy Farm Products create high-quality ingredients that promote healthier living and longer life spans for a variety of species of animals. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability has made us a trusted partner for industries seeking nutritional balance while enhancing their bottom line. We partner with businesses in the food industry to transform food waste, organic, and pet-grade materials into products for pet food, livestock, and industrial applications.

Safe and reliable animal food ingredients are our priority. Contact us today for a free quote on making Quincy Farm Products your feed ingredient supplier.

Feed Manufacturing

After receiving materials from our suppliers, we utilize a third party nutrition team to meticulously formulate and prepare specialized commodities to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We offer several different products to our customers from finished commercial feed pellets to custom ingredient blends. Our feed ingredients provide our consumers with a strong base to which they can add vitamins, medications, etc. to generate a finished feed.

Quincy Farm Products uses a third party professional laboratory to test all of our incoming ingredients and outbound products prior to using material and shipping finished goods to guarantee reliability.

Quincy Farm Products ingredients can be

Sold Separately or Mixed for convenience.

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Purchase products separately or combine ingredients to create a fully nutritious feed.

We Combine Research with Innovative Processes

At Quincy Farm Products, we've refined the process of transforming food waste into high-quality animal feed. We meticulously sort and process food waste and remove any non-edible components which we later recycle into industrial additives and emulsifiers. The edible materials are heat-treated to ensure safety, dehydrated to extend shelf life, and finally ground into a consistent feed ingredient.

Quality control is a priority at Quincy Farm Products. We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure each batch of our product is safe, consistent, and nutritious. Our products undergo rigorous third-party testing for contaminants and nutrient composition, ensuring they meet the highest standards for animal health and safety.