A Concentrated Source of Energy

At Quincy Farm Products, we are committed to sustainability and quality. We utilize upcycled food waste to manufacture high-quality starch ingredients, providing a sustainable and nutritious solution for pet food and livestock feed.

Starch is primarily used as an energy source. It's easily digestible and helps in maintaining animal gut health. Starch ingredients aid in enhancing the texture and palatability of pet food, bird seed, fish food, and livestock feed.

Many different animal species benefit from the use of starch in their food source. Our customers trust Quincy Farm Products to provide essential ingredients that maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients, every time. Contact us today for a free quote on starch ingredients for your animals.

Our facility produces

high-quality starch ingredients

to produce sustainable and nutritious solutions for pet and livestock feed.

Common Starch Ingredients

There are many starches that produce a concentrated source of energy. These are the most common starch ingredients we use. 

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Corn Starch

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Potato Starch

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Wheat Starch

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Rice Starch

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Barley Starch

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Pea Starch

Industrial Additive Applications

Recycled starch from non-edible food waste can be transformed into a variety of industrial additives. Starch is a versatile material with unique properties that makes it suitable for numerous applications, including:


Binders and Fillers


Gelling Agents

Hardening Agents

Industrial Coatings


Pelleting Aids


Catering to Pet Food Manufacturers

For pet food manufacturers, our starch ingredients provide an excellent source of energy for pets, while also improving the texture and palatability of the food. Whether it's dog or cat food, our starch ingredients offer an easily digestible and nutritious addition to your formulations.

Meeting the Need of Farmers and Livestock & Feed Producers

Farmers and livestock producers understand the importance of providing their animals with nutritious, quality feed. Our upcycled starch ingredients offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution without compromising on nutritional value. Whether you're raising cattle, poultry, swine, or fish, our starch ingredients will help meet your livestock's energy requirements while supporting growth and productivity.