Sugar as an Energy Source

Sugar is a vital source of energy in food and livestock feed for animals. This energy is essential for numerous physiological functions such as growth, reproduction, lactation, and even basic daily activities like walking or running. Our sugar products enhance the palatability of feed to encourage animals to eat the necessary amounts to meet their energy needs.

Whether you’re looking for a sugar source to enhance your current food source or need a complete list of feed ingredients, Quincy Farm Products has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote on our sugar ingredients.

Common Uses for Sugar Products

Our facility produces sugar ingredients that provide a source of energy, support digestion and

enhance the palatability of livestock feed.

Our Range of Upcycled Sugars

Sugars provide a readily available source of energy, support digestion, and enhance the palatability of the feed.

Sugar Syrup

Sugar source that can be used in different proportions in feeds as per the nutritional requirement of the animals.


As a popular choice for cattle feed, molasses is primarily made from sucrose, which is easier to digest than sweeteners made from fructose or glucose.

Sugar Beet Byproducts

Beet pulp, beet tailings, shreds, and molasses are several co-products from beet sugar refining that can be used for cattle and livestock feed.

Candy Meal

Acts as a preferred substitute for sugar in feed because of how concentrated and digestible it is.


Also known as mono-, di-, and oligosaccharides, these are included in non-fiber carbohydrates and are rapidly fermented by livestock.

Sunflower Seeds

Although not a traditional sugar ingredient, sunflower seeds and oilseeds have some value as a sugar source in bird and livestock feeds.

Give your animals the energy they need to stay healthy and thrive.

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