A Nutritious Source for Animal Ingredients

Vegetable protein makes up a large percentage of the protein ingredients in almost every livestock feed. They provide a rich source of essential amino acids that are crucial for animal health. Since so many animals rely on this ingredient for a fulfilling diet, Quincy Farm Products ensures a nutritious and animal-grade vegetable protein for all of our agricultural customers.

We understand the importance of receiving animal food ingredients when you need them. Contact us for a free quote on purchasing vegetable proteins for your pet food and livestock feed.

Commonly Used Products with Vegetable Proteins

By incorporating our vegetable proteins into their feeds, farmers and pet food manufacturers can

Improve Animal Health and productivity.

Our Range of Upcycled Vegetable Proteins

Quincy Farm Products offers a variety of nutrient-packed vegetable proteins derived from upcycled food waste, including the following products.

Soy Protein

An excellent source of all essential amino acids, soy protein promotes growth and supports the overall health of animals.

Corn Protein

Corn Gluten Meal

Historically, corn protein has been one of the dominant plant proteins.

Wheat Protein


Wheat protein is another plant protein that has been traditionally used in pet food and livestock feed.

Pea Protein

High in lysine and arginine, pea protein aids in muscle growth and immune function.

Potato Protein

Rich in essential amino acids, potato protein enhances digestion and improves feed efficiency.

Give your animals the nutrition they need to stay healthy and thrive.

Make a Sustainable Choice with Quincy Farm Products

Explore the potential of upcycled vegetable proteins with Quincy Farm Products. By choosing our products, you provide high-quality nutrition to your animals while contributing to a more sustainable future.