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QFP Energy Blend

QFP Energy Blend Livestock Feed

Spring is here and so is the time to turn those calves out on a fresh crop of grass. As you do this, you may consider supplementing your calves diet with QFP Energy Blend.

QFP Energy Blend is a blend made from a combination of food by products, including cereal, donuts, pasta, cake mix, and granola bars. These products are sourced from food manufacturers and tested for nutritional value in our blends. This blend can be used as a replacement for corn, as it meets or exceeds the levels of protein, fat , and energy that corn provides in the diet.

QFP Energy Blend is in meal form and does not need to be processed before feeding. It is very palatable and can be hand fed in a bunk as well as added to a grind and mix or TMR ration. It also offers the flexibility to be fed at a higher rate as calves get bigger or grass gets shorter. It also can be fed in the transition diet when the calves are ready to come off of grass and go into the feedlot , using the same product  only raising the inclusion per hd/day.

If you are looking for an economical alternative to corn, consider QFP Energy Blend contact Quincy Farm Products at (217) – 214-1905.