By-Products Solutions

Our business development team works with major food manufacturers and packaging companies to find and secure consumer packaged, cased, super sacked, and bulk non-food grade material. Product is then shipped to our plant in Quincy and consumed in one of our applications.

Whether the material is excess supply or off-specification, our services provide food manufacturers a more financially and environmentally feasible alternative to sending the waste stream to a landfill. Our “green” initiative revolves around “upcycling” which, in turn, reduces environmental contamination and unnecessary pollution to create a sustainable path forward..

Quincy Farm Products mainly specializes in materials including cereals, grains, vegetable and dairy proteins, sugars, and starches. However, we are always searching for new materials to introduce to our production process. Every day, our innovative business development team strives to create catered solutions for waste stream management for our clients while developing a working partnership with them. At Quincy Farm Products, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our partners.

Feed Manufacturing

After receiving materials from our suppliers, we utilize a third party nutrition team to meticulously formulate and prepare specialized commodities to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We offer several different products to our customers from finished commercial feed pellets to custom ingredient blends. Our feed ingredients provide our consumers with a strong base to which they can add vitamins, medications, etc. to generate a finished feed.

Quincy Farm Products uses a third party professional laboratory to test all of our incoming ingredients and outbound products prior to using material and shipping finished goods to guarantee reliability. We ship approximately 300 tons per day, so we have a lot of experience in providing a consistent, high quality feed.